Is Billy from ‘Stranger Things’ racist?

Recently I finished watching the Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix, during that time a new character was introduced named Billy. Here’s a little history about Billy. Billy’s father Neil Hargrove married Susan Mayfield, making Billy a stepbrother to Susan’s daughter, Max Mayfield. In 1984, Billy and his new family moved from California to Hawkins, Indiana, and he began attending Hawkins High School. Billy is also the new “Cool Kid” at school. You know all the guys want to be him, and all the girls want to be with him.


So, the first time it was implied that Billy was a racist was when Billy saw Max leaving her school with Lucas Sinclair (local Black Kid & Black Friend in the Group), Billy questions Max if she knows him, and Max denies knowing Lucas. When Max got into his car, Billy told her that there are people in the world who she should avoid and that Lucas is one of them.

The second time was when Billy was further angered by Max when he saw her with Lucas a second time at the arcade. The Third time was when Billy drives to the Byers residence, finding Steve and the rest of the kids there. Billy pushes Steve away and threatens Lucas to stay away from Max, and in response Lucas kicks him in the groin.

Now it has not been proven or factually stated in the show that Billy is a racist, but looking at the evidence Billy clearly has an issue with his stepsister being with Lucas. Seeing that Lucas is a good guy and Max likes him, the only reason remaining on the table is that Billy is in fact a racist.

All we can do is wait for season 3 and watch his characters role play out, but I will say I can see him coming out as moist or gay based on his relationship with Steve. Think about it, and watch closely how he has a kind of interest in Steve. Dont Forget to join the Think Tank to talk about this topic.

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