The Diary of China J Ray


The Diary of China J Ray follows a young Black woman trying to get her life back on track following a series of unfortunate events. Her diary is a record with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. Her Diary is in chronological order, from her childhood until present day. China J is a smart, young beautiful Black woman lost in the dramas of life in a torn African-American community where family and friends walk a thin line of enemies and rivals. China J has even been a victim of domestic abuse, and many other violent crimes. But now she’s ready to tell her story in an effort to bring awareness to other women who feel they are in a hopeless situation.


November 13 2017

Day 1 of my diary, for privacy and honesty you can just call me China J. I feel that if I used my real name I would hold back or not be honest. So, a little about me, I was born February 25, about 27 years ago. Under circumstances less than perfect, during my birth and childhood. But what can I say, I’m not unique in the overall statistics of America when it relates to African-Americans and our families. But for a short time, I was lucky to have both of my parents in the same home.

Ok my parents, well I and my mom have a common relationship when it comes to mothers and daughter’s these days. Straight up I think she hates me, and maybe always did. My dad, however, loves me, to him I’m still his little girl and his little princess. He has always been there for me when he was able, and the times that he wasn’t able I never held it against him. Let me not forget my stepdad a common drug addict, and suspected pervert. Lastly, I have a huge family I have 3 known sisters on my mom’s side, and 12 additional siblings on my dad’s side of the family.

My life thus far has been crazy, and I feel as a Black woman this is our reality. Not all of us receive the same opportunities in life, and not all of us have the best beginnings.  but I’m determined to succeed against all odds. So, make sure you check back often to hear more about my story, and I promise to be honest.

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