Was FUBU The Last Black Corporation?


Over the years, many brands and companies have come and went from the Black community, today we don’t have any brands that actually belong to us. We see music artist dancing and singing and flaunting European and other non-Black brands as if it’s a badge of honor to give our hard-earned cash over to the same people that hate us and our children. Recently we have seen Chris Brown and others trying to make a push to restore the popularity of this iconic Black corporation.

Did you know that Samsung actually invested in FUBU, wow right I didn’t know this until I was doing my research.

Do you guys remember in the early 90s to the mid-2000s everyone was rocking the Fubu Jersey with the large 05 on the front and back? Yes, we all rocked some form of Fubu back then. Now that was a sign of the Black dollar, and the massive buying power or community holds. So, what happened? Where did our sense of pride in ownership, and Black pride go?

Did you know the earliest collection consisted of a small line of tops and hats with the FUBU logo? By 1995, an extensive sportswear line was designed and produced by FUBU, using raw materials imported from around the world. With the success of the collection, distributors and investors came calling. To date, over 5,000 stores have carried the FUBU collection and more than $6 billion in merchandise has been sold at retail.


How many of you know about one of the other most successful FUBU founders Carl Brown In 2005, Carl positioned the FUBU Corporation as the primary sponsor of Mike Harmon Racing for the NASCAR-BUSCH Series. This multiyear partnership introduced the 1st black owned Company to race in the BUSH and NEXTEL CUP Series. In 2006, Carl launched his own Wine & Spirits division by introducing Seraphin Cognac and Erotique Liqueur to the market. Carl Brown’s Beverage Division is positioning itself to become a major player in importations of Fine Wine & Spirits. Carl Brown recently partnered with 3 Spirits LLC to create Erotique Liqueur on course to be distributed nationwide by 2017. In 2013 Carl Brown launched the FUBU Personal Care Line, Natural Style by FUBU, with a mission to provide personal care and grooming products specifically for the male and female African American market. In 2017, Carl once again expands with the launch of one of the most innovative commercial development ventures of the 21st century. With the creation of his premier boutique hospitality brand, Erudite Hotels & Residences, Carl’s Erudite represents his over 30 years of knowledgeable commitment to designing lifestyle products with a specific consumer focus and creates a powerful branding machine to meet the demands of the millennial market by promoting innovation through consumer-focused lifestyle marketing and design.




This is a small sample of what we can learn about the FUBU company. Be sure to be on the lookout for our mini Documentary the History of FUBU coming soon. Part one is available on YouTube.


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