Obama’s Abuse of The Black Community


Ok Trump is the worst President ever, he’s racist, and a real dumb ass. Now that we have that out the way lets see how Trump’s behavior hurts the Black Community. Wow the results are in and, we still haven’t seen any changes that didn’t happen under Obama.

Obama was a very nice guy, beautiful family, etc. But still as Black people we should always want results that are tangible. So, after 8 years of Obama what do we have to show for it? I’m still waiting, NOTHING.

Below are some arguments that ‘So-Called’ Black people use to justify his term as successful, such as ‘He was the President to Everyone”.

  1.      ACA or the Affordable Healthcare Act, helped many Black people. Sorry the ACA was not affordable to low income people. How do I know? Well first off you would have to be low income to understand it. A Guy works Full time makes $10 per hour, 40 hours a week. The cheapest plan can range from $190, for an induvial. Now this guy actually has kids he’s a single father so the price is bumped to $300. Remember this is the cheapest plan. Ok so he knows pays $300 for insurance and he also pay $150 for his doctor’s visit, and then has to pay another $65 for Meds. Remember pretax this guy makes $1600 a month with his 2 kids.  So basically $515 dollars a month in health expenses every month. That makes sense? WAKE UP ACA was big insurance WELFARE. And back to my point had nothing to do with Black People.


  1.      He was the President of all of America not just Black people! Correction he was the President to everyone except Black people. If you know any thing he did Presidential for Black People let me know because a song and dance doesn’t count.


Now let’s get to the abuse. So, Obama watched cops kill unarmed Black People for years, never used his office to bring justice against the cops that committed the executions. Instead he gave them more money, and explained it as training.  So, after that he had the nerves to ask us to protect his legacy. His legacy was nothing more than LGBT rights. Just because Obama was a really cool Black guy it doesn’t mean that he was good for our community.


In the next upcoming election, I want Black people to say “What tangible things can this candidate do for us”. Let’s stop being afraid to demand results, let’s say no to symbolic victories. Let’s ask what we deserve.

Let’s stop being political sluts, and start being voters that demand respect, and a voice. Don’t even get me started on Hillary. What did she offer our community, A song and a dance with Roland Martin? Really Black Folks Wake Up!


   To get Black Votes just sing or dance , this is so embarrassing lets get off all this kind of stuff please. Check out the pictures below of straight Black foolishness.




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