The Conclusion of China J Ray:

Hi, I’m the creator/ owner of, recently our organization officially separated from “China J Ray”. she’s no longer a part of the site, I would like to take this time to discuss what happened and how this experiment is helping to create a new series now in production. The Hood Bible. This series will explore the scams and games Hoodrat’s and Bum nigga’s play.  Also, we will teach you how to come back their lies and etc., to maintain Power. But first, let me officially give you the conclusion to China J Ray.

I’m not that kind of guy, to spill it so I will not directly. Just know that the upcoming Hood Bible will give you insight into who this person is and how she is just one of the millions of Hood rats that don’t even have a clue to how the game goes. The first chapter in the Hood Bible is Called Genesis when good created the Hoodrat, Ratchet, Bitch, and Hoe. Remember the types of people I just listed are not women, women are humans and Ratchets, Hoodrats, are a different species of earthlings. Bum niggas are a Hood rats delight, because they have no expectations, and refuse to use common sense. But that’s enough for now keep looking out for the upcoming post.

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